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Misanthrope: The New Instrumental Album from Brian Altano

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01 misanthrope
02 it's payday, mr. jopeck
03 dial tone
04 misery loves companies
05 break you down
06 let's try this again
07 one A.M.
08 silver shank
09 if you need me i'm gone
10 take it all

recorded in San Francisco | Oakland | Los Angeles | New Jersey | New York

produced by brian altano | mixed by brian altano & gustav schmidt
mastered by dennis mortensen jr. | additional guitar work by thomas rakowitz
album cover by pandamusk | logo by anthony stimola

about this album
MISANTHROPE is a 35-minute, 10-song long instrumental album designed for the modern worker bee fighting for independence in an era of social overstimulation. It represents three years of production work from Brian Altano, with additional help from his friends Gustav Schmidt and Thomas Rakowitz.

Download it for free, stream it, or purchase it. This is not for everyone. This is just for you.

written, wrecked, & produced by brian altano
Brian Altano is a writer, artist, video host, and musician living in San Francisco. The former New Jersey and New York City native has work featured on IGN, Up at Noon, The Comedy Button, and more. He grew up with the rise of hip hop, the birth and suicide of grunge, and the death of analog sci-fi films, and weaves all these influences into his music. He's always looking for new creative and collaborative opportunities in gaming, film, and music.

additional mixing by gustav schmidt
Gustav Schmidt is an artist and musician currently living in Irvine, California. Originally from New Jersey, he and Brian created the dark and dystopian concept album ROBOTOBOTS, before both headed to the west coast to pursue careers in the video game industry. Gus now works as a production artist for some of the biggest games in the world, and is toiling away at new music endeavors as an individual artist and group album producer.

mastered by dennis mortensen jr.
Dennis Mortensen has been working in the music industry for more than a decade. He has produced radio shows for Little Steven Van Zandt, Andrew Loog Oldham, Drew Carey, Joan Jett, and many others. He has mixed and mastered albums for Willie Nile, Leech Ernowetz, and Daemon Hatfield, just to name a few. Dennis has provided production assistance with bands such as the Rascals, the Cocktail Slippers, and Bruce Springsteen, amongst others.

additional electric guitar by thomas rakowitz
Thomas Rakowitz, hailing from Texas, is a songwriter and composer that prefers to use a six-string for his aural pleasure (though the sonic force of seven strings is sometimes used). While he generally stays in the hard rock and metal frame of mind, Thomas isn't afraid to bring his fretwork and talent to other genres and stylings. His pieces take cues from many influences, but they all sound distinctly like him.

album cover by pandamusk
Pandamusk is an enigmatic visual assassin hailing from everywhere and nowhere at once. His secretive nature allows him to lurk in the shadowy corners of his own designs, leaping out with his unique brands of visual bombardment whenever he sees fit. He's well adept in physical, digital, and pixel painting, with a million tools of the trade on his belt. He's done custom work for media giants like IGN and indie bands like Life in 24 Frames.

logo by anthony stimola
Anthony Stimola is a New Jersey-born designer currently residing in San Francisco, California. Through stark lines, hard colors, and robust visual cues, he creates dark and iconic design work that bring the aesthetics of society's modern collapse and beauty to life. His projects have included package design, album covers, book and poster work, and brand re-imaginings for popular mainstays like Rolling Stone and Trojan.

special thanks to my family, my fiancee, my friends, & my fans. none of this is possible without you.
thanks for listening. brap brap.

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